Thursday, July 3, 2008

And On A Serious Note:

I miss my boys. The weather is warm, the breeze is still cool. I am so used to the sound of them playing in the backyard, but it's so quiet right now. They've only been gone for 4 days, but still, I count them as days that I don't get to giggle with Jonah in the morning about how crazy Harper's bed head is...or days that I don't get to snuggle with Casey while we watch Ghost Hunters re-runs. Still, I'm greatful that they're with me. I'm just greatful for my kids. Something happened lately that has caused me to really think about them, and I've come to the realization that I have really cool kids. They're good kids. They really are.

Tiff asked me tonight if Mike and I would help her financially if she gets into a bind when she moves out, or gets married or whatever. "Of course we would" I responded. She half smiled and said "even if it's lots of times? Even if I was too scared to ask you?" I nodded yes again. "I know you would" she whispered, and continued on unloading the dishwasher. I love that she has a sense of security when she thinks about us. I love that she knows that we're here for her.

There are a million things I call my "favorite" but there are 6 things I call my "treasures". They all live in my home with me. My 5 plus my sweet husband. I love that they feel comfortable in our home, and that their friends feel welcome here. We may not have the tidiest house, but we certainly have a happy one.

On Sunday, we watched a video that our bishop brought to show for our 5th Sunday combined lesson. He showed 3 ten minute talks by a couple of the general authorities and one by the prophet, and my favorite one shown was a discussion that went through the Family Proclamation line by line by Boyd K. Packer (click and you can read/watch/listen to the 10 minute talk I'm speaking about) Mike sat by my side as we listened, and when a topic we'd been discussing lately was brought up, he'd squeeze my hand, just to make sure I knew he was also listening.

We've spent a lot of time at the temple lately. There are questions we need answers to, prayers to be said, quiet thinking and pondering to be done... We are learning lessons. We are being humbled. We're learning to accept help, how to be generous with the meager things we do have. We've certainly learned the value of good friends and supportive family members, especially those family members who are not members of our faith. How lucky we are to have friends and family who listen to the promptings of the spirit, who call us to just ask if we need anything. (especially on days like TODAY when we're praying for a miracle) How lucky we are to have this:


mawayment said...

We are going to miss you guys too. Disneyland is a go. I loved the lesson in church, I think it is the best one we have had. Like Mac said though you cant go wrong when it is the Prophet and Apostles giving the lesson.

I know things will work out for you and Mike and your family. You are on the right track. Just dont get lost in the Utahness, it is to easy to become relaxed when you are surrounded by so many members.

We miss Jonah and Casey too. We didnt even get to tell Jonah good bye. When does he come home? Maybe we will be able to catch up with him in Utah.

I will now finish my book. The End

Sarah said...

When Lain lost his job a little over a year ago, we learned an important lesson. We learned that we needed to be accepting of service. It was hard- REALLY hard. The funny thing is that we learned HOW to serve better. This ward we're in is amazing! They live to serve each other.

I am so grateful that we moved to Utah! (Did I just type that?!) The people here are amazing! I believed in the Gospel before we moved here, but now I know so much more about LIVING it! It was the best thing that could have ever happened to our family!

You guys will be blessed- maybe not like you think you will. But if you keep doing all of the things you are doing, YOU WILL BE!

Love ya- and can't wait to see ya!

shauna said...

That was a great post, Alli. I think that you got the wrong idea from some things that were said. You do have great children. They have been through so much and are so eager to please...The are just children and I really love having them around us.

You and Mike have been so great for them. You have tried so hard to give them what they want, but most of all what they need.

We are so proud of you guys listening to the spirit and he has blessed you with this opportunity to move to Utah and I can hardly wait for Mike to be surrounded with the gospel...(like Sarah said)

Make the church sites your Disneyland on weekends. Find a new ward family and serve the way you have done before.

Have you heard from boys? If you think you miss them, can you imagine how they miss you..Mike...the girls and Harper?

It is so great the Dad's family is so supportive. I was hoping that would happen for you guys, but I was scared that they might not be. I don't know why? I did have faith that something would work out and did.

Happy 4th...Dad and I were just reminscing about the condo and all of the days... :(

sixmoores said...

I am so glad that you are so happy with Mike. I can't wait to meet him. It will be so nice to have you closer. I love that you miss your boys...sweet!

Amber said...

Brinley was about to cry when she realized she didn't get to say goodbye to the boys:(

Michael Moore said...

Ali, I hope all goes well with the move for Mike and then you and the kids. It can be so hard to be apart. I just got home last night and Nancy and the kids are staying there for another two weeks--I will miss them very much.

It was fun talking to you on the phone the other night. I look forward to meeting Mike someday, Christmas hopefully.

-KJ said...

Um, I love you guys! The end.

The Parrish Family said...

Wow! Alli you have an amazing talent in writing! When I was done reading the post i was like...that's it? I love to read your posts! You are amazing and i am so jealous you get to Utah! Love ya!

Matt and Amanda said...

Love Ya!!!!

Little E said...

I wonder if there's still glass bottles of coke in your grandparent's fridge?
Love you guys too! We'll get to hang out and stuff; Mike and I can wrestle or something; or maybe we can just hang out and stuff.