Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pauly Shore in a Light Vinaigrette

We just went to the House Of Blues for a lunch date with some friends who are getting married. He's from Salt Lake City, she's from Hemet, California which is the armpit of the planet, well almost, right after Baker, Barstow and Victorville. I love the atmosphere there, LOVE. I'd totally decorate a room in my house in all Voodoo lovin and art. Totally. Its so sweet.

Anyway, the baby was charming everyone in there, standing on the table when we'd hold his fingers and stuff, and because of it, we had excellent service. I had catfish nuggests with sweet potato fries and a field greens salad with goat cheese and pecans in a tomato/shallot vinegrette. Hot damn, it rocked my socks.

So yeah, while we were there, we saw that Pauly Shore is coming in "concert".




K, I'll let you absorb that for a minute:

done? K good. Now, can you explain it to me? Please?

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-KJ said...

It's the weasle buuuudddy! (weasle sounds. . . .) Middle America, middle America, reapin' the fields. ahoo, ahoo!

Was it like that?