Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Horspool Family | Saturday Shoot

Today I got to shoot the Horspool family. Amber and Mike are friends of ours, and their kids are the best! We love them. Spencer is in our primary class and he says the best stuff, and the girls are absolutely charming. I love these guys!

click HERE to see the entire set

This first one is of the sisters sharing giggly was absolutely the cutest thing ever!

Next is the baby, Little Staci, and her pink monkey that she couldn't let go!:

Spencer is a stud, and he is about as photogenic as you can get:

Brinley is quiet, and helpful, and so sweet I just wanted to take her home:

Here's Amber and the girls:

Mike and Spencer:

The kids playing peek-a-boo with me:

The whole family:

As they got to the place where we were going to spend the afternoon, I asked the kids to walk away from me as I took pictures, and while I snapped, the youngest one kept turning around to peek at me. So cute:

Laying in the grass (click all of these pictures to see them more clearly, by the way)

Posing together in a tunnel of arches for me:

Cute little giggles on the steps of the Lincoln Shrine, downtown Redlands, in the historic district:


Mandy said...

what a cute little family. great job

shark like a fox said...

suhweet camera skillz....almost as good as your computer hacking skillz and your nunchuck skillz

Alli Fantastico said...

thanks girls!

The Parrish Family said...

So cute Alli! What a great job!

-KJ said...

Very cute! I luff them!